Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Hello Friends!

We are eager to introduce you to a new and exciting chapter for the Inner City Youth Charitable Foundation (ICYCF). Please take a few minutes to become familiar with recent changes to our programs, expresses our thanks, and requests your support to benefit inner city youth.  We are excited for the changes that have occurred with ICYCF and have already seen the great impact this foundation has in the lives of our participants.  

Changes to Our Program

For over twenty years our Summer Quarters (boys) and Summer Jam (girls) programs have helped inner city youth step out of their harsh environments and build experiences and relationships that nourish their hope for a better future. For many we witnessed these seeds of hope become a reality. Therefore, we were of course saddened when recently informed that BYU-Idaho is no longer able to co-sponsor the Summer Quarters and Summer Jam programs. However, as we reflected on the impact of these programs over the last two decades and the current needs of inner city youth, we were determined to continue our mission.

After months of research, interviews, and thoughtful discussion we determined to develop a new mentorship and scholarship program that was launched in Fall of 2015. The new program has expanded on many of the successful components of Summer Quarters and Summer Jam including: close mentorship with positive role models currently attending college, visits to Chicago from college mentors/counselors, trips for the youth to the Utah/Idaho area to explore the outdoors and campus life, cultural events, teaching of basic life skills, and deepening of faith and spiritual experience. In addition, the new program offers year round contact with college mentors who help the youth develop and complete a thorough college preparation plan. All of the youth who successfully complete the program and are accepted to one of our partner universities will be offered a needs-based college scholarship.

Expressing Thanks

While we wish we could personally honor each individual who contributes either time or financial support to ICYCF, there are two individuals who deserve our sincerest gratitude. For over 15 years Robyn Bergstrom and Grover Wray of BYU-Idaho have given thousands of hours and an unquantifiable amount of love and charity to the inner city youth. On behalf of the hundreds of youth in our programs we thank them and wish them the best in their future endeavors. While Robyn and Grover will no longer be directing our summer programs, they have both agreed to stay on as advisors and contribute to making our future programs a success. In honor of Robyn and Grover the ICYCF board has elected to name the newly founded girls and boys college scholarships in their honor.